How to keep inspired as an artist is a frequently asked question by many artists. It is too easy for a person who is inspired to get lost in the flow of artistic production, to take art in a direction it really isn’t meant to go. This is especially the case when an artist s life is hectic with work, school, family, etc. Because, in addition to all of this, we as humans are naturally artistic and have a need to create. Inspiration is most definitely a key element in being an artist. So how do we get inspired as an artist though?

To keep inspired as an artist, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of a person’s color palette. As most artists are color blind, it is extremely important to make sure that the palette that an artist uses for his or her paintings are appropriate to the type of art that is being created. As with many other things, paying attention to the color palette directly effects the level of inspired art that is being created.

A good color palette for an artist should be one that is made up primarily of warm tones. Warm colors such as reds, oranges and yellows help create a more dramatic feeling in a painting. The blues that can be found within nature, can help to inspire a persons artistic style. In addition to using warm colors in the color palette, it is also important to utilize cool tones.

One of the best ways that artists can gain inspiration while working on their art is by taking a break. Most hobby artists spend far too much time focused on a particular art piece or part of their art in the process. Taking a break from their work is essential. Taking a short walk, sitting down to listen to music or just spending a few minutes away from the art can help to distract the artist and help them become more inspired. It is also important for an artist to set aside time to work on their art.

Many artists find that having a routine is crucial to their success. Having a routine helps the artist to know exactly what they are going to have to do in order to complete a painting. By being consistent, the artist will become a better artist because they will have an established pattern that they can follow when working on their art. Consistency not only makes it easier for the artist to complete the art, but it also makes it easier for the artist to know how long each task should take. It will make the artist feel more in charge of their work and therefore more inspired. A routine can include spending a certain amount of time each day working on the same art piece or doing a certain section of a painting.

Another habit to get into is to always do what you enjoy. Sometimes making art can be a struggle, so it is helpful to find something you love to do. Once the artist starts to focus on their art, they will be able to concentrate much more on the art and less on all the hassles that can come with other types of art such as maintaining a regular job. Taking a few minutes out of the day to do something you like will make art more enjoyable.

The last habit to develop is to constantly ask ‘why?’ As artists we have to continually ask ourselves, “Why am I making this art? What do I want to achieve here?” As long as the artist keeps asking themselves these questions, they will continue to make mistakes, but through the process they will learn why they make mistakes and how to correct them in their art.

Learning to use your intuition can greatly enhance an artist’s skill set. Intuition can help create a connection to a source of inspiration that we sometimes do not even recognize. When you are in the midst of creating your artwork, it is very easy to become lost in the process and lose sight of the goal. Having a sense of intuition can help you keep your motivation and enthusiasm up while on the path to becoming a creative business artist. As long as you remember to answer ‘why,’ you will be able to make creative business decisions that will help inspire others to follow your path.

How to Keep Inspired As an Artist