What Art Can Do to Make You Change Your Perspective & Perception is an intriguing book by artist Marina Young. This is one of several books by Marina Young that tackle the topic of mental imagery and its power to inspire creativity. The power of visual imagery seems so obvious when we are actually seeing it, but few of us are open and honest with ourselves about what it means in our lives.

In her book, Marina Young reveals the importance of being vision oriented in life. She rightly says, “Art is a way of asking questions about life – and often, the answers are revealed in the arts.” She talks about how an artist’s work can act as a “miracle” and “a voice of reason.” Art can be a way for the artist to confront issues in her life and create a response that she will be able to use to change her destiny. What Art Can Do to Make You Change Your Perspective and Perception is a wise choice for anyone who is serious about creating a happier, more fulfilled life.

This book does come with a lot of advice on how to be a better artist. However, what really jumped out at me were her statements regarding what art can do to make you change your perspective and perception. For example, one painting she showed featured several people lying on a beach, looking at the horizon. The background was very cloudy, while a couple sitting on the shore were enjoying the beautiful sunset. The woman was holding a palm tree, while the gentleman was holding a fish.

What Art Can Do to Make You Change Your Perspective and Perceptions was clearly written by an artist who understands the value of portraying a peaceful, calm mental image. In the painting, she has the couple in front of the clouds, with the cloudy background clearly defined as being the beach. The picture was framed in a very unique way, with the elements of the beach behind the couple. In this case, it was clearly understood that the mental image was supposed to be calming and serene. So the next time you see the painting, you would know that what art can do to make you change your perspective and perception came from someone who understands the power of positive images. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, let’s look at what else she had to say on this topic.

“In my own paintings, I don’t try to create the entire canvas at once. I prefer to work on a small portion of it, say a quarter or half of the painting, and fill the rest later. When I work on a large painting, I find it difficult to get into the state of calm and tranquility that I’m going for. This is because when I’m done working on that section, I have to go back in and complete it again.” – Kenneth Clark, painter

What art can do to make you change your perception and perspective on life? This is a question that has occupied the minds of people throughout the ages. Leonardo da Vinci is responsible for one of the first questions that humans asked themselves when they set out to discover reality. “What is beauty?” and he gave them an answer, and his famous Mona Lisa is arguably one of the most famous paintings ever produced. But is it not a matter of perception?

Think about a painting of a lady in a landscape pose. Does it give the viewer a feeling of being in a beautiful natural environment? Can you imagine sitting at that canvas and looking at yourself in the same painting? This is exactly what a well-selected piece of art can do for you. If you enter an art gallery and look at some of the magnificent works that are produced every day, you will start to see things that you have never seen before.

When you begin looking at what art can do to make you change your perspective on life and create a positive mindset, it will become clear that art is powerful. A well chosen piece of art on a well framed canvas can be the catalyst that gets you to realize all of your goals. Whether it is helping you get out of debt, build wealth, or just help you see the world from a different perspective, a well chosen canvas wall art piece is an excellent investment that will serve many purposes.

What Art Can Do to Make You Change Your Perspective on Life