Artists are talented people. They have a special skill that the others don’t have. They are creative and try to put their thoughts on their drawing. If you want to be a good artist, then there are some tips for you.

Be good at sketches

You should first try to be good at sketches. Then you should move to the coloring part. You must learn the basics well. Draw the outlines before going into the detailed drawings. Try to remember how you draw things.

Create a good environment for drawing

You should have an organized workplace for drawing. You must get rid of all the clutters from the table and use high-quality pencils and paper for drawing. The paper should not be very rough; otherwise, the drawing won’t come out well.

Come up with an idea

You must have a concept in your mind that you want to express. Before you start the actual work, you can make a rough sketch of what’s inside your mind. This way the final version of your art will come out well.


The composition of your art must be good. You must put together all the visual elements in an aesthetically pleasing way. One of the rules is to divide your piece of paper into nine equal parts by drawing lines. You will find four points of intersections. You must place the objects in the intersections for creating a focal point. You should also consider spaces around an object carefully.

Understand color

You should understand the concepts of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. The right colors will improve your drawing. You must understand the concept of warm and cool colors.

In order to be a good artist, you must practice well. You should get inspiration from the drawings of the great artists like Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, and others.

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5 tips to become a good artist